Electrical Work

Professional & Durable Electrical work is a challenge itself; we Provide electrical work services on your request; we ensure that work is done professionally & with our customers & staff safety. We have our expert team to make sure that task is completed on the customer’s satisfactory level, We provide electrical services in all areas of electrical works and across domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. Installation and maintenance of your electrical systems are essential to keep your electrical appliances functional and undamaged due to electrical shorts, over-voltage, under-voltage issues, etc. We never compromise on the quality of the products, equipment used, and most importantly the design so that it remains safe, serviceable, and reliable year on year.

Painting Works

The art is a God Gifted blessings to the human, Painting is one of the art’s section which required skilled & competent person to perform the painting task, we as Kamyaab Fix have an experienced team with high Painting skills, we make sure belief in maintaining no compromise in delivered quality work to satisfy our customer’s need Being home’s front face.

AC installation & Maintenance

Living in the United Arab Emirates clean & cool air conditioner was always a challenge, From Air Conditioning installation, fault diagnosis to maintenance solutions, we have specialists for each of your Air Conditioning services.

Plumbing-Irrigation Works

Plumbing & irrigation work is one of the important aspects of the service provider and we are committed to providing quality plumbing & irrigation works with our team of experienced plumbers who can identify the actual plumbing & irrigation issues in less time & required actual part. Often you can end up replacing your Restrooms, kitchens, or any other water supply or drainage unit in both residential and commercial sectors with non-matching accessories just to resolve the plumbing issue. Many times, it may end up not being resolved because non-availability of parts here Kamyaab Fix comes to its action, we have a strong grip in a market to avail the actual parts without compromising the quality standards.

Carpentry Work

Carpentry requires a unique skill set gained through training and experience besides the basic notion of cutting, shaping, framing, and installation. We Take carpentry work into one of the most serious jobs since it is so-called your Home’s first look, we aim to deliver quality work in carpentry with our experienced & competent team. We make sure the replacing, repair or installation makes difference to your Home as per your expectations. We also provide all types of furniture assembling & dissembling services 24/7.

Handyman Services

Kamyaab Fix provides all Handyman related services all over Emirates, Handyman services generally include General home and office repairs, emergency repair services, doors, and windows repairs, toilet accessories repair, plumbing, electrical repairs, changing lights, exhaust fans, Picture hanging, Tv mounting, Touch up painting, new wiring works, AC services, Electrical works & power issues, etc. No matter what your requirements are, just give us a call, and being a service provider company, there is pretty much nothing out of our scope of services.

Floor Polishing-Floor Maintenance

Kamyaab Fix offers floor polishing, fixing, installation & tiles grouting services, etc. for all kinds of flooring materials like granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, vitrified tiles, and other common floor tiles. Polishing/treatment will be done with special equipment and specific floor treatment chemicals pertaining to the type of flooring, the level of polishing that may be required, and realistically achievable results. We will send a survey team to evaluate the site and the floor polishing requirement and provide you with an optimum solution for your floor polishing requirement. And then we come to action, our team of experts at Kamyaab Fix can perform the floor polishing procedures with our state-of-the-art floor polishing equipment and floor treatment chemicals. Even if the floor is damaged in one way or the other, we can help you in fixing the floor and restore the shine as if it were brand new and make it last longer than ever before. We can also perform periodic checks and maintenance to make sure that it stays the same. Book an appointment for your Home/Office’s pre-inspection.

Masonry Works

With years of experience & competency, you are required to have unique skills related to your job, we Kamyaab Fix aims to keep our team competent, experienced & to have unique skills with regards to their job. Our client is always our priority, Kamyaab Fix ensures that all masonry-related jobs are being performed as per our client’s requirements, from small patch-up works, renovations to large-scale projects, we take up masonry contracting for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Ceiling-Wallpaper Works

Kamyaab Fix Provides ceiling & Wallpaper maintenance & installation services all over the United Arab Emirates, our special services are available in all across the Emirates, we have our expert team with special skills in fixing the ceiling & wallpaper according to your special need, our services are available 24/7. Book your appointment to avail the of Quality services.

Door/Windows replacement/repairing

Having creaking/Damaged doors and broken windows at your residential or commercial buildings? Look no further, let Kamyaab Fix help you with replacing/repairing damaged doors and windows efficiently and quickly.

There are most commonly are two types of windows and doors like single glazed glass windows and doors and double-glazed glass windows and doors. Both of these windows or door types may be regular windows or insulated glass windows. Window and door repair or replacements may require for several reasons like Sometimes windows can get foggy after a long period of time installation or not maintaining properly Also, the seal around the windows or doors may damage over time. Timely maintenance on your doors and window can prevent & avoid temperature fluctuations and keep your home or office comfortable.

We provide maintenance service for all types of windows, doors, shower doors, table or desktops, storefronts, curtain walls, picture or poster frames, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, cabinet doors, furniture glass, shelves, etc. you can experience the Quality Door Window Repair & Replacement Service in Abu Dhabi as well as in the other emirates with Kamyaab Fix.

Appliances Installation

Kamyaab Fix Provides services for the installation of all appliances & other accessories at your home. We will send our expert team to install the accessories at your home, book an appointment by reaching us if you like the way such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Email & by visiting our website.

Fencing-Canopy Installation

Kamyaab Fix is a leading expert in the UAE providing Fencing & canopy installation services in the Residential & Commercial sectors. We have an expert team for a site survey to estimate the work with affordable rates. And providing Safe & Quality work on your call. We end up our client's search with our Quality delivered services.

Landscaping Maintenance

We provide Garden maintenance services in residential & commercial sectors; we have our expert team to maintain your garden so it always looks green.

As said by May Sarton: Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.

Book your appointment with our customer service representative for exclusive Gardening services.

Tesla Charging Station

Kamyaab Fix has experienced Technicians who can provide you the best quote on your Tesla charging station request, fix your site visit appointment with our call center agent, our qualified Electrician will visit the requested place for a free inspection, all you need to do is to provide your Tesla Manual to understand the required voltages and the inspection of Main Grid connection. Tesla requires maximum voltages for best performance so we completely understand charging station needs. Call us 24/7 for free inspection we will fix everything you are in need of.

Duct Cleaning

Potentially harmful pollutants are present inside any indoor environment. After a few years of use, fungi may grow in all corners and joints of the ac duct, which subsequently becomes a breeding ground for different types of bacteria. Over time, the spores get transported into the air-conditioned spaces and occupants who inhale this contaminated air become prone to various illnesses. Kamyaab Fix uses state of the art duct cleaning equipment. Our machine cleans to the very back of your AC duct removing dirt, dust, mould and odours. We will photograph your internal ducts and show you the condition before and after we have finished. The photo evidence will speak for itself. After a forward and backwards clean, we will disinfect your ducts with our antibacterial spray which is designed specifically for AC ducts, this kills any bacteria and any future growth. Duct cleaning clears the way for fresher, healthier, cleaner air throughout your home.

Additional Services

Facade Cleaning Services

Pest Control Services

Cradle Cleaning Services