Carpet Shampooing

Fluffy carpets are your comfort need! Carpets gather huge numbers of bacteria & germs, and Carpets get recessed and lose their fluffiness over time. Settled that carpets are the most comfortable floors and help you relax, but like any other floor, it must be maintained and cleaned properly. It causes allergy & bacterial issues for people with dust allergies, especially for children. Do not worry! Just sit back and relax, let Kamyaab Fix take care of your carpets in a professional & environment-friendly way. We have been recommended by our customers to newer customers every time due to our great performance. This itself proves our level of expertise in the field as we have been servicing the Carpet cleaning or shampooing needs for years. we always make sure that our customers are fully fulfilled with our service as we believe very firmly that happy customers helped us reach where we are today.

Residential Cleaning

Kamyaab Fix provides Residential cleaning services all over the Emirates, our cleaning and housekeeping teams are qualified and comprehensively trained for cleaning practice to deliver services with quality and safety. We stand by our commitment to being reliable, truthful, attentive most cost-efficient, time-saving, instant action services to all our clients' needs and requests to ensure delivering extraordinary cleaning services so that the customers’ expectations are met.

Pressure washing for Walls & Floor

Kamyaab Fix provides pressure washing services for the Façade, floor & all types of stones. With our pre-inspection, we make sure what type of pressure washing is required for your Façade & Floors. With our expert cleaning team, we professionally perform the job as per the client's expectations as we take our valuable customers as our first priority. Book your appointment for the desired services to feel the comfortable look of your sweet Home.

Sofa Shampooing

Sofas are one of the most common places where people spend more time thus making it one of the most places that can get dirty very easily. While cleaning the Sofa, the cleaner needs to keep various factors in mind such as domestic pets, an allergic person in the house & condition of the sofa, etc. As professional sofa cleaning service providers, we employ both deep cleaning, steam cleaning, and delicate cleaning methods depending on the type of sofa and its material. Shampooing materials must be selected in a way that it cleanses and protects the sofa and does not damage the material of the sofa. No Matter in what condition your sofa is! We provide Professional and reliable sofa cleaning services in UAE for homes, offices, hotels, and commercial spaces at affordable rates.

Windows Glass Cleaning

Kamyaab Fix Provide Low Rise Building windows glass, balcony windows, General windows glass cleaning services at villas commercial & officer secretors. we handle the glass cleaning professionally & with acceptable safety norms to make sure the Public, Customer & Staff safety. Book your appointment with Kamyaab Fix to End up your service provider’s search.

Disinfection Service

Kamyaab Fix cares for your safety as we Believe together, we recover, Disinfecting, Sanitizing, and Sterilizing the office is important for many reasons. For one, it can promote good health among employees, lessen the risk of flu outbreaks, and even promote productivity and morale. A clean office can also make or break the impression of a client. Another important reason is for better health and good hygiene for everyone at the office & your Home. Sanitation prevents the spread of disease, which can directly harm employees’ productivity and overall state. For disinfection services please contact on our helpline 24/7.

Commercial – Industrial Cleaning

Kamyaab Fix provides a complete range of deep cleaning services and solutions for commercial, industrial, office, and private properties in UAE. Our wide range of commercial and office cleaning services in UAE includes:

  • Office deep cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing
  • General office & industries cleaning services
  • Window cleaning services
  • Office cleaner deployment service
  • Construction & Renovation Cleanup
  • Carpet Cleaning & Sofa shampooing
  • Hard Floor Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Floor scrubbing & polishing
  • Marble and Granite polishing
  • Washroom & Hygiene services
  • Sanitization & Disinfection

Maid Service

Kamyaab Fix provides Professional domestic and housemaid cleaning services for apartments, villas, and offices in UAE. Range of contract options with competitive & affordable pricing. The process is quick, simple, and free of charge! First, you need to fill out our short simple inquiry form or Write us on Info@kamyaabfix.com explaining the type of cleaning service you need, such as whether you require a full-time maid, a part-time cleaner, deep cleaning, a female maid, or a male cleaner for apartment cleaning or villa cleaning Service.! Our one of the customer's service representatives will contact you to explain the available services & membership as well as Callout service packages with affordable rates. Experience the Best Maid Cleaning Service across the UAE.

Curtain Dry cleaning & Steaming Services

In the Dry-Cleaning process, we use a liquid solvent in the cleansing of clothes instead of regular ingredients such as water and detergent. As the solvent contains a very minute presence of water or sometimes no water, we, therefore, know this process as Dry Cleaning. However, there are few types of fabrics/cloths those required Steam cleaning even after the washing. This process is to be performed by professional Dry cleaners, Worry Not! We provide high technology cleaning services for curtains with our latest & modern type of equipment. The process of dry cleaning & steaming ensures complete disinfection of the curtain and removes any sort of unpleasant smell or odor. We help you to have a healthy future for yourself and your kids! 11 Moving out? Or moving into a new home? You don't have to worry about cleaning during your busy time!

Office Cleaning Deployment

Using the latest innovations in cleaning technology, Kamyaab Fix staff are trained to ensure high standards of cleanliness and hygiene for your offices. We have a reporting system & checklists in place to ensure staff attends jobs on schedule and complete requested tasks to quality standards.

We provide experienced office cleaners in UAE who understand the importance of hygiene, cleanliness, professionalism & safety.

Having a clean office is the first step in showing your customers that you care. We understand this and we provide the best services through our office cleaners and enhance your office environment making it presentable for your clients. We believe in together we grow.


Mattress Cleaning

Bugs, stains, hair, dead skin cells - you name it and you have it in your mattress. Yes, a mattress is a hotbed of all types of germs and mites. Moreover, the indoor air circulation in UAE homes is much less making your mattress even more vulnerable to all types of pest attacks. The only solution to this is to undertake mattress cleaning once in 3-4 months. Because of the lack of space and good air circulation, cleaning the mattress on your own is a cumbersome task. We, at Kamyaab Fix, provide professional mattress cleaning service at an affordable rate. We wish you to stay healthy always.

Moving out? Or moving in a new home? 

You don't need to stress over cleaning during your active time! We give a wide scope of housekeeping administrations across different Emirates remembering the move-for/move-out cleaning administration! We will empower you to begin another existence with a spotless home. We are certain you can't stand by to move into your new home. Leave the move-out cleaning to Kamyaab Fix proficient cleaners. We're here to assist you with making the most of your visit from the absolute first second

Additional Services

Facade Cleaning Services

Pest Control Services

Cradle Cleaning Services

Kamyaab Fix offers a wide range of move-in and move-out, kitchen, restroom, apartment, office, and many other cleaning administration across the emirates for your property, when you need assistance during this unpleasant time. We can deal with all the definite cleaning of your place from start to finish so it’s prepared for you all the ideal opportunity for new breath

Let us replace your additional stress with a joyful movement! Contact us today for a free cleaning estimate!

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